The Insatiable Traveler

I’ve never tried to drag half a dead wildebeest in my mouth but I’m thinking it can’t be easy. It’s not a task I often contemplate mind you, but it came to my attention last year when a determined female from a large pride was doing just that in the Mara Triangle.

Lion drags wildebeest carcass on the Masai Mara, Kenya

The cats had killed two or three wildebeest that morning (it was hard to say, remains were pretty scattered) and eaten their fill, but she wanted to move the head and part of the torso to where the pride was relaxing by a stream about 50 yards away. It was mighty slow going.

The whole escapade was incredibly awkward. Holding the wildebeest by the throat as she straddled it between her legs, she could only take a few steps forward before having to release it, reorganize and try again. And if that wasn’t bad enough, a couple of…

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